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Utah-Based Residential Architecture Firm

As an award-winning residential architecture firm in Utah, our architects provide professional residential architecture services, custom home design, and home construction management services throughout Utah and the United States. The custom homes we design are as varied as our clientele. Together, we can create a new custom home that matches your style and fits your needs perfectly. Our team of expert Utah residential architects is committed to designing beautiful homes and functional living spaces.

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Our determination to create an innovative, thoughtful residential design for you is at the heart and soul of everything we do. We work hard to design beautiful custom homes that meet your needs and provide a healthy living environment. It’s our job to create your vision; that’s why our clients get the final say on every aspect of the residential design. Trust our award-winning professionals to design your new Utah custom home, multi-family development, apartment complex, senior living community, or residential development. From the upscale homes in Salt Lake City to the unique houses found across the country, wherever you live, our residential architecture services are tailored to you.

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Residential Architecture Firm in Utah

Building Communities With Innovative Design

Our work is much more than simply designing homes. Our home architecture is an expression of social art. Our architects create art that is responsible for culture and the environment. It is an art expressed in its enrichment of family life and its contribution to the community. But, more importantly, it is a personalized art that fits into the lives of our homeowners.

Every design our experienced architecture team creates is unique and brings out the personality of our clients. As you work with our residential architecture firm, you will recognize your personal taste in every square foot of our designs. Our goal is to make building the home as comfortable as living in it. Let us take the task of defining and refining the details of your home so you can live in your masterpiece in no time.

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Utah Custom Homes

Collaboration With The Client Is Key

Think Architecture’s design approach is based on collaboration. Our goal is to assist the client in building success. This happens through careful and thoughtful planning, creative design, inviting interiors, and exceptional quality. Many of our custom homes have been recognized in regional design publications and with design awards. Contact our team to learn how we can transform your custom home plan with our residential architecture services.

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Utah Residential Construction Management

Your Home Construction Manager

At Think Architecture, our architects not only design your home, but we also offer full-service home construction planning. We can handle all your residential construction management needs, from planning & commissioning to construction management for your new home build. We are here to meet the needs of our clients seeking a comprehensive process from design to construction. When you hire us as home construction managers, we assume all responsibility for every aspect of the project, from programming, designing, and constructing.

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Residential Architecture FAQs

What is residential architecture?

Residential architecture refers to designing, planning, and building non-commercial residences, such as custom homes, apartment complexes, townhomes, mansions, etc. To plan a successful custom home, architects meet with clients to determine and understand their projects’ needs and create design proposals for their residences. Because every client is different, architects must be collaborative and accepting while using their creative skills to impress clients. Architects creating residential spaces must create functional, beautiful areas that fit within the parameters of their client’s needs while sticking to a budget and local building codes.

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