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Architectural Services Beyond Design

Creative architectural design services that are underpinned by a strong emphasis on functional yet inspiring design. Along with having the foremost multi-family portfolio and being the largest custom home design firm in Utah, our unique architecture process and a team of architects continually demonstrate industry expertise in a range of styles from traditional to modern.

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Building a legacy of Excellence in Utah

Architectural Services

Think Architecture offers a rare blend of expertise, vision, and professionalism encompassing a wide range of architect master planning, design, and construction management services to assist private and public clients. Our approach relies on the wisdom and clarity of experience with energy and youthful innovation to design finished projects that are exciting in form and grounded in function. Our goal is to design and build practical yet inspiring projects, bold and cost-efficient; novel and still highly buildable.

We're quite multi-disciplined

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Architectural Design

As an award-winning architecture firm, we combine our expertise with your vision. Together, we can create a unique solution that includes an artisan’s touch.

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Landscape Architecture

Elevate your surroundings with our landscape architecture services. Our architects will blend elements of natures into a thoughtfully planned community landscape.

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Land Planning

Land survey, analysis, and land use planning is a crucial part of the architecture process. Make sure your project gets the attention it deserves with the help of our land planning experts.

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Interior Design Architecture

Our experienced interior design architects focus on providing visionary solutions on all of their commercial and residential architecture projects. See how they can transform your space.

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Construction Management

Think Architecture’s construction management division is designed to meet the demands of clients seeking a truly comprehensive process from design through construction.

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Residential Architecture

Think Architecture offers residential architecture services and breathtaking custom home designs to a variety of our clientele. Let us design a living space that meets your needs and appeals to your personal style.

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Commercial Architecture

Think Architecture offers commercial architecture services and breathtaking designs for your business. Let us design a beautiful commercial, business, retail, storefront, or office space that fits to your brand and meets the needs of your customers & employees.

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What is architectural design?

Architectural design is the discipline of creating new living spaces using creativity and specific tools. Essentially, architectural design focuses on the art of creating new structures with function and aestheticism in mind. It is critical to creating a successful space because it focuses on the details and the day-to-day life of those who will be using the specific area. The architectural design aims to create a functional space that meets the unique vision of those who will own the building. It is the basis of the entire process and the first step in bringing the project to reality.

What is an architectural designer?

An architectural designer is a building designer who focuses on architectural design but is not a registered architect. While it’s easy to confuse architectural designers with registered architects, there is a difference between the two. Architectural designers work hand-in-hand with architectural designers to create and document design projects. And unlike registered architects, architectural designers do not need to take the ARE. They have the capability to produce 3-dimensional renderings and meet with their clients to discuss the needs of the project. However, architectural designers aren’t able to produce stamped documents, which some jurisdictions may require as part of the construction project.

What does an architectural designer do?

Architectural designers are at the cornerstone of any successful architectural design project. They are responsible for meeting with clients to discuss the requirements and budget of each project throughout the entire planning process. From that information, they create plans with design specifications and layouts, all according to the client’s needs. Architectural designers should know the specifications for safety standards and government regulations while keeping up with industry trends and best practice techniques. They use extensive knowledge of science, math, construction, and elements of design to create their plans while working closely with various professionals, like project managers and civil engineers.