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An Innovative Commercial Architecture Firm

We know more than anyone how the right space can make all the difference. Through our commercial architecture services, we conceptualize and deliver communal spaces that reflect the development’s intentions and exceed your expectations. Our attention to every element of design and structure helps us create experiences that are relaxed yet uplifting, and sophisticated yet comfortable.

Our Utah-based team includes highly awarded and uniquely accomplished commercial building architects. They bring unmatched experience and skill to the table. But, we rely on collaboration with you to make sure our work reflects your vision. By pulling from our know-how, and working closely with your team, we design industry-leading commercial buildings in Utah and across the country.

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Commercial Building Architect

Selecting an architect is usually the first and most important step of any project. A commercial architect melds the art and science of building, designing a space that looks impressive and functions effectively.

From luxury getaways to municipal centers and medical facilities, we hone in on the critical purpose your space needs to accomplish. With a clear destination ahead, we develop each piece of the necessary framework to reach it. We make design and building decisions with careful consideration so that your team, clients, guests, and visitors will have a positive and rewarding experience.

Commercial Architecture Services

What to Expect From a Commercial Architecture Firm

Like residential architects, commercial architects lead the entire design process for your commercial property. Here are just a few of the steps our architects typically take to guide the design development and construction of your project:

Initial Consultation:

This first step is where we collaborate to align our work with your vision. We not only discuss requirements but establish a strong working relationship which is critical for project success.

Project Planning:

Before we begin, we compile all the information we need to create an effective design. The timeline, budget, and general aesthetics will be outlined, along with existing permits, zoning information, and more.

Development of Initial Design:

With all the information at-hand, our commercial architects begin their initial design plans, often consulting with other professionals such as a structural engineer, HVAC experts, and lighting designers to make sure their design is not only in line with safety codes but is working to the advantage of each design and construction element. When the design is approved, we draw up detailed specs and contracts to guide and inform the general contractor. These spec documents, along with design proposals listed below, are usually required before permitting can begin, as well.

Diagrams and Schematic Design:

By adding additional layers to the initial design, commercial building architects can display additional information that will be critical to the construction and permitting process. Diagrams show governmental agencies how certain regulations are accounted for in a project while schematic design shows the full description of building systems (including mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical requirements), along with interior and exterior materials and finishes.


Once complete, the necessary building permits can be applied for and obtained so that construction can begin. Architecture firms help organize and manage this often convoluted process to expedite it as much as possible.

Ongoing Project Support and Construction Consultation:

Because commercial architects have created the plan for the building, they act as critical consultants and advisors to the general contractor and construction teams, as well as interior designers, lighting designers, and other professionals who bring the project to completion.

Our commercial building architecture firm specializes in the following areas:

For recent projects in these categories and more, browse our recently completed projects.

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Commercial Landscape Architecture


While a building or collection of buildings is the center of commercial development, they are not the only focus. Perceptions and interactions with space begin with the outside environment. Commercial landscaping has become more and more critical as people realize the power landscaping holds in positively shaping a person’s overall experience.

At Think Architecture, we look at each project holistically. Our coordinating commercial architecture and landscaping architecture teams design and develop structures and landscaping in harmony. Unlike other architectural firms, we offer comprehensive architecture for every facet of your project under one roof. This not only improves communication across both our teams, but it helps us align our vision to deliver a more cohesive final product.

Landscape Architecture by Think Architecture

Commercial Landscape Architecture vs. Commercial Landscape Design

Landscaping architecture is a highly skilled service that goes above and beyond landscaping design. More than how the outdoor environment looks, our landscape architects design how it will serve and support your commercial space. Our commercial landscaping team brings extensive knowledge of several different areas to your project, including architecture, urban design, civil engineering, geography, horticulture and botany, ecology and sustainable design, and more.

For the most well-considered and intentional landscaping, turn to our commercial landscapers for functional and beautiful greenscapes, hardscapes, and waterscapes.

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