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Economists predict Utah will continue expanding throughout the next decade with solid job growth, a robust economy, and sustainable public work and infrastructure investment. Combined with the stunning variety of outdoor recreation and space to grow, Salt Lake City is one of Utah’s most sought-after locations for custom home design.

Salt Lake City’s architecture scene combines historic homes, remodels, and diverse contemporary Utah home styles. At the forefront of custom home architectural design is Think Architecture, one of Salt Lake City’s premier architecture firms. Think Architecture has significantly influenced the city and surrounding area through its innovative and creative work in land planning, commercial, landscape, and tailored residential architecture designs.

Think Architecture’s Approach

Think Architecture blends traditional and innovative home architecture to create truly stunning and unique design elements in homes. Our custom home architects work closely with clients to create a personal design that brings your dreams to life. Our design process begins with you—we meet to understand your vision, goals, budget, and property, if applicable. We look at all of the components that impact your design, including:

  • Site selection
  • Homeowner needs
  • Zoning ordinances
  • Feasibility studies

Next, we develop the design of your home. Our architectural designs are tailored to Salt Lake City’s environment to be sustainable and long-lasting. If you need a home construction management team, we also offer full-service home construction that completes your design.

Utah Residential Architects | Modern & Contemporary Home Design | Think Architecture

Architectural Innovation in Salt Lake City

Think’s approach to bespoke home design in Salt Lake City leads to truly custom architectural home designs. Many of our projects incorporate the natural landscape into our design, with large windows and flawless outdoor living spaces. We take in the entire scope of your project when designing, including interior, exterior, and landscape aesthetics. The Grand View, for example, has large, floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the house that bring in natural light and take advantage of the views surrounding the property.

The Briggs Residence had a sloping lot, which we used in the design plans to create a stunning outdoor living space and basement garage not visible when the residents are outdoors. We also emphasize natural lighting with large windows and soaring ceilings throughout the home.

Explore Think Architecture’s portfolio for a visual tour of more inspiring and unique design elements.

Client-Focused Architecture

Client-centric architectural services focus on the client’s wants and needs, creating architectural plans that are unique and personalized. Think Architecture’s custom residential design in Salt Lake City starts with the area and outdoor planning and focuses on floor plans that emphasize natural light and take advantage of the lot’s shape, direction, and views.

Many clients who have worked with Think Architecture have given five-star reviews, stating that Think Architecture is a “great firm that does great work.” Others point out the focus on quality, writing that it is a “quality design firm, focused on relationships, design, and craft.”

The Grand View | Custom Residential Design | Think Architecture

Grand View Home by Magleby Construction.

Environmentally Friendly Home Features

One way to create lasting homes that stand the test of time is to prioritize eco-friendly design and building materials features. Utah’s eco-conscious home design recognizes that we live in a desert and strives to minimize our footprint and preserve valuable resources like water. Thus, our eco-friendly design focuses on water-friendly landscaping, such as xeriscaping and planting native, drought-resistant plants. We use thicker, safer insulation in exterior walls and the right windows for energy efficiency and high quality. As a premier builder, we are at the forefront of prioritizing eco-friendly features in design and creating sustainable living in Salt Lake City.

Collaborative Residential Design Solutions

At Think Architecture, we aren’t locked into a few pre-designed homes with the opportunity for upgrades. Ours is an innovative home architecture approach literally from the ground up. It begins with conceptual development, where we meet with you to understand better:

  • Your vision, goals, and needs
  • The site, including zoning ordinances
  • Feasibility studies
  • Parameters that will shape the project

We can show you custom home architectural styles and ideas if you need more direction and inspiration.

Next, we move into the design phase, where our talented team prepares preliminary renderings, layouts, and building elevations. We ensure designs are functional and feasible and can be correctly constructed in the completed construction documents.

Should you choose to hire our qualified construction management team, we will begin coordinating construction efforts with contractors, following plans, and keeping you updated as your home comes to life.

Salt Lake City custom home with pool | Utah residential architects | Custom Home Design | Think Architecture

Future of Residential Architecture in Salt Lake City

As Utah continues to lead the nation as one of the top places to live, the future of home architecture is sustainable, innovative, and creative. Think Architecture leads the state with award-winning architecture in Salt Lake City from Parade of Homes, Salt Lake Home Builders Association, Houzz, and more. Think has also won awards for numerous Utah residential property developments in Sandy, South Jordan, Farmington, Park City, Alpine, Highland, Provo, Salt Lake City, and more.

Our architects at Think are forward-thinking and are inspired to create future-proof home architecture in Utah. Discover more about our upcoming projects and vision for the future.

Local Architects for Personalized Homes

As locals in and around the Salt Lake Valley, we construct homes that we would want to live in. We are as engaged as you are in creating a beautiful place to live that will last for decades. We closely follow the latest progressive housing design trends and ideas while incorporating solid, timeless elements that make it home. Contact Think Architecture today for expert advice on your vision. We can provide a sounding board for clients seeking personalized design.

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Custom Home Architects Near You

Think Architecture continues to impact Salt Lake City’s design by creating stunning, unique, eco-friendly homes that exceed our clients’ expectations. We bring over 43 years of local experience, award-winning excellence, and architectural innovation in Salt Lake City and beyond. Whether you hope to personalize your dream home with Utah’s modern housing aesthetics or want to learn more about our myriad services, contact us today to learn more and get started on your next project.