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Utah natives and those who have relocated from out-of-state often give the same response when asked why they live here: the mountains. This article is for those who believe the mountains are calling and are looking for rustic mountain home plans and modern rustic design ideas.

What Makes a Rustic Mountain Home?

Modern rustic homes utilize the surrounding natural landscape in their design, material choice, and interior decorating in both practical and aesthetic ways. It combines rustic elements with modern design styles.

Rustic home architecture often includes:

  • Rough textures
  • Natural wood
  • Stone
  • Exposed beams
  • Large fireplace(s)

Some of the most popular design elements you see in modern mountain retreats include:

  • Large open spaces
  • Natural lighting
  • Large windows
  • Clean lines
  • Combination or mixture of natural and raw materials
  • Minimal ornamentation

Custom home designs of modern rustic homes combine the above elements for unique and stunning rustic home architecture.

Wood Elements

Mountain Modern architectural design style | Utah architects firm | Think Architecture

The use of exposed wood is one of the defining features of rustic mountain homes. However, it doesn’t have to be a log cabin to get a mountain retreat feel. Below are some ideas to use wood elements in your mountain lodge-style home plans:

  • Exposed wood timber ceiling beams
  • Large paneled wood floors
  • Wood beams for mantels, shelves, or built-ins
  • Sawn logs for decoration – such as log end tables or a wall of cut logs
  • Wood furniture, either rough-hewn or polished
  • Recycled wood siding

Modern Shapes Combined with Rustic Materials

Contemporary lodge-style homes also use rustic materials, such as wood, steel, and stone, and craft them into modern, sleek designs emphasizing form, function, and simplicity. These elements can be seen in counters and islands, fireplace design, and outdoor elements in porches and eaves. You can also see this combination in furniture, where other organic fabrics are also utilized, like burlap, jute, canvas, and wool. Lastly, contemporary lodge-style homes use asymmetrical lines, straight edges, and clean lines.

Comfort Elements in Modern Rustic Homes

Comfort plays a big part in rustic mountain homes with thick, durable fabrics with a lot of texture. Fabrics like wool, linen, and chenille are all found throughout the space, and colder materials are given added warmth when covered by rugs, throws, and pillows. You can also add comfort through ambient lighting that offers indirect sources that are softer and more mellow. The best indirect lighting sources come from lamps and fireplaces.

Ord Residence | Custom Residential Projects | Think Architecture

Ord Residence at Wolf Creek Ranch by Cameo Homes of Utah.

Why Modern Rustic Homes Are So Popular in Utah

Modern rustic homes are increasingly popular because they combine the practicality and efficiency of popular, trending modern styles with the comfort, beauty, and sustainability of rustic living. Modern rustic homes are both functional and charming and have unique design features created by custom home architects that perfectly fit your lifestyle and needs.

Lodge-Style Home Designs We Love: Our Featured Projects

Utah architecture firm Think Architecture is at the forefront of lodge-style home designs that combine rustic and modern elements for truly breathtaking creations. Our experienced custom home architects deliver on clients’ needs to incorporate unique materials and elements in lodges and mountain homes. Below are some of our most celebrated designs in commercial and residential architecture.

Stein Eriksen Lodge Resort in Park City

Environmentally Friendly Architectural Design Project

Stein Eriksen Lodge and Residences in Park City, Utah, highlights minimal design and natural native materials. Exposed timber, elegant imported stone, and steel beams are used throughout the custom home designs, individual condos, and hotel amenities. Natural lighting through large windows also draws attention to the surrounding mountain terrain and maximizes views and access. Clean lines, asymmetrical designs, and a mixture of raw and comfortable materials combine for an exceptional modern mountain retreat.

Hotel Park City and Cottages

mountain rustic resort designed by think architecture in utah

Think Architecture’s Hotel Park City and Cottages project uses stone and wood to create a rustic modern feel. The Exposed wood beams, wooden furniture on the interior, rough stone pillars, wooden railings, and accents on the exterior help create this rustic feel. We also used large windows for natural lighting to maximize the stunning mountain views.

The Lodges at Deer Valley in Park City

the lodges portfolio project by think architecture

The Lodges at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, uses clean lines and abundant wood beams, paneling, and trusses inside and on the exterior for a rustic modern look. With large open spaces, windows, and exceptional woodwork and stonework, this rustic lodge takes on a more elegant, expansive feel.

Trust Think Architecture with Your Next Mountain Retreat Design

Think Architecture is a premier Utah architecture firm that provides award-winning services in site selection, project analysis, development, design, and construction for residential, commercial, and landscape projects. From sustainable landscape design to custom design ideas, Think Architecture’s talented team has the skills and experience to bring your project to life. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your next project.