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The Rise of Sustainable Architecture in Salt Lake City

As Utah residents’ concern for the environment has grown, Utah leaders, architects, and contractors have made greater efforts to implement green architecture practices in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. Sustainable architecture companies like Think have risen to the occasion of designing sustainable buildings that adopt more eco-friendly materials and resources.

One of the key Salt Lake City policies in this move forward is Elevate Buildings. Elevate Buildings is a Salt Lake City initiative launched in 2016 that sought to foster sustainability in architecture design as Utah experienced boosts in economic development. This certification requires commercial buildings above 25,000 square feet to report energy usage and efficiency. Salt Lake City provides resources on how to be Elevate Building compliant here.

Think Architecture is doing its part to create sustainable design. Think is listed among the Top 100 Green Building Design Firms by Engineering News Record (ENR) Mountain States, proving that Think Architecture is among the best sustainable architectural firms in the Intermountain West.

red brick home with clay roof and solar panels for sustainable architecture

Examples of Innovative Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials in architecture are becoming more prominent across many structures in the Salt Lake Valley. Builders and architects are finding creative ways to implement recycled and environmentally responsible building materials. The following are some examples.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have been around for decades, but as the years have gone on, manufacturers have found ways to make solar panels more efficient and affordable. Solar panels can be installed on your home’s exterior to gather energy during the day and store it in batteries for high-use times like morning and evening. This offsets the electricity used from local power grids and reduces carbon emissions.

Energy Star Appliances

Appliances now are far more efficient than they were decades ago. Innovations in engineering have helped consumers enjoy reliable appliances that use less electricity, creating lower energy bills and fewer expended resources. You can use the government’s official Energy Star website to find Energy Star-certified appliances.

Passive House Ventilation Systems

Passive houses are homes built to reduce energy consumption by up to 90 percent. A large part of that is the clever engineering of its ventilation system. A ventilation system in a passive house will take everything into account, from double-glazing windows to body heat and sun position. A passive house uses its environment to heat itself naturally while steadily ventilating clean air through the house.

Sustainable Landscaping

Proper practices in sustainable landscape design will fit appropriately with the area’s natural climate and produce resources for the landowner. Some examples of sustainable landscape design include reclaimed materials, native plants, gardens that produce fruits and vegetables, attractive containers that catch rainwater, and more.

Impact on the Community and Environment

Even though many companies and organizations have adopted greener practices, Salt Lake City has yet to see the drastic improvements it needs. The Great Salt Lake’s water supply is still dangerously low, and we struggle with inversion stifling the air quality every year. Climate change continues at an alarming rate, making our efforts all the more critical.

We at Think Architecture are proud to use our craft to create a happier, healthier environment for architecture in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. It will take time and additional resources, but as we continue to make necessary steps toward energy independence, we’ll see a greener and cleaner Salt Lake Valley.

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How Think Architecture Supports Sustainable Architecture

Think Architecture employs LEED-certified architects to design sustainable and responsible spaces.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the world’s most widely-used rating system for green architecture and sustainable design. That means when you hire Think to design your structural dreams, they’ll do it with sustainable design in mind. Think Architecture takes pride in employing LEED-accredited architects because Think cares deeply about creating dream homes while maintaining a clean environment.

If you want to design and build a project that utilizes the best in modern sustainability practices, you won’t need to look beyond Think Architecture.

Contact Think for Sustainable Architecture in SLC

Are you ready for a project implementing green architecture and sustainable design for a cleaner, healthier future? Contact the experts at Think Architecture. We’re the premier architects in Utah for sustainable architecture and home design.