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Silo Creek Farm - Home featured in UV Parade of Homes 2020An idyllic rural lifestyle was the primary goal of Think Architecture’s client who wanted a modern rambler-style farmhouse with a unique custom residential design in Alpine, Utah. The young family wanted to raise both a family and animals in a quiet rural setting and soon found a location that appealed to their vision. 

The lot had two homes that needed to be torn down and presented a logistical challenge with a stream that ran through the property on the West side. This limited the building area, and since the family wanted to keep the animals on the West side of the house, the architects had the additional challenge of designing a home where the animals could be kept in the front of the home with a private backyard space. 

Think Architecture was selected to come up with a unique style of a symbiotic mash-up of farmhouse style with modern architecture. The clients had a very specific residential architecture style and requirements they wanted for their new home and it was Think Architecture’s job to meet those criteria while creating a safe, high-efficiency home within the available building area. 

The client was brand-new to the homebuilding process as it was their first time building a home from scratch. “They were an absolute pleasure to work with,” says Corey Solum, AIA, the architect who designed the new home. “The owner deserves a lot of credit for their participation in the design process and doing their own interiors. They were fully engaged and brought their share of great ideas to the project.” 

Custom Residential Design For Modern Farmhouse

This modern farmhouse featured a plethora of totally unique elements, including a master suite that was separated from the house by a bridgeway over the stream. It gave the master suite a private space, a sanctuary that included an office as well. 

Square footage totaled over 12,555 feet which included a barn of 1,519 square feet and a 608 square foot pool house. The home was built by custom home builder, Robison Home Builders.

Entering Utah’s Parade of Homes

Robison Home Builders wanted to showcase a unique project that had a different style in Utah Valley’s Parade of Homes. They were careful to maintain the owner’s privacy while showcasing the home throughout the event. 

Putting your home in the Parade of Homes is a brave act. Since the homeowner had designed their own home with the help of Think Architecture and had done their own interior design, they potentially opened themselves up to criticism. “The parade of homes is a very critical process,” says Corey. “It can be very stressful for someone to enter their home because of the public criticism, but the home drew a great deal of praise. The home definitely stood out because of the unique trends that were showcased.”

Want Custom Residential Architecture Design? Call Think Architecture

The Robison home featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes is a phenomenal example of how Think Architecture collaborates with clients and contractors to create a totally unique design that is customized to their budget and their specific building criteria while meeting complex logistical challenges. 

To learn more about residential architecture design or to work with the architects at Think Architecture, call (801)269-0055 or visit our website