Designing Culver's Restaurant in Bountiful, UT

What makes eating out a memorable experience? Is it the food? The workers? The aesthetic? Or does every part have a role? When franchise partners turned to Think Architecture to open a new location in Logan, we knew we wanted to create an experience unlike any other fast food restaurant delivered. Our team of architects partnered with Mark and Spencer Young, who had previous experience opening another franchise in Orem, Utah. Together, we determined what the restaurant needed to succeed. From full architectural engineering to restaurant equipment coordination and beyond, our proven service packages took the design from standard to stand out. 

Along with implementing a strategic layout, distinctive exterior, and an on-brand design, we also ensured that the restaurant had all that was needed to run day-to-day operations as smoothly as possible. The bold blue and white tones, upscale diner floorplan, and open layout embody Culver’s brand. Whether you are cooking hand-battered cod, stirring custard, or ordering a few meals for you and your family, our deliverables ensure that you will love your Culver’s experience.

Culver's Restaurant in Bountiful, UT | Restaurant Design | Think Architecture
Culver's in Bountiful, UT | Restaurant Design | Think Architecture

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How We Designed the Ultimate Cook-to-Order Restaurant

What sounds better than handcrafted French fries, fresh ButterBurgers, crispy chicken tenders, and ice-cold custard? You get to eat this cooked-to-order meal while sitting among the beautiful mountainous landscape of Bountiful, Utah. Think Architecture partnered with Spencer and Mark Young to design a new Culver’s franchise to bring this iconic fast food restaurant to northern Utah. Nestled among Logan’s central commercial district, customers can enjoy indoor dining, to-go ordering, or drive-thru services.

Working with Culver’s location co-owners, our team streamlined our design using our intensively site-driven, site-built process. This commercial architecture project followed Culver’s branding but also accommodated the site’s needs. One of the processes that our restaurant architects explored in-depth was entitlement. Bountiful City and UDOT required a complete site overhaul to ensure well-maintained city planning.

By collaborating with these organizations, we designed plans to help patrons and ensure a functioning business long-term. We took a few of the steps including widening Logan City Street by removing 20 feet of property frontage and parking and completely redesigning the property site. Fortunately, the client had the flexibility we needed to take a team approach without finger-pointing. Ultimately, we navigated these issues to deliver a more deliberate, thoughtful design that would enrich the environment.

From solving city planning issues to accounting for the commercial side, our slew of architectural solutions will help meet business goals and create memorable dining experiences. Combined with thoughtful architectural and engineering implementations, the Logan Culver’s has all the primary design elements characteristic of the Culver’s brand and the functionality of a modern fast-food restaurant. The final result is a functional architectural design that unites the entire Logan community.

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