Almond Street

Ultra-efficient, sleek, and modern architecture are the hallmarks of the Almond Street townhomes. The project consists of 17 units ranging in square footage from 1,200 to 1,800 sq. ft. Situated to overlook the Salt Lake Valley to the west and providing close proximity to downtown Salt Lake City, these townhomes lend themselves to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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17 Units


Salt Lake City, UT


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Almond Street

A Neighborhood-Friendly Contemporary Architecture Design

When a large high-density condominium building was proposed for this Capitol Hill Area site, neighbors were concerned about traffic and obstructions of their views. Different design solutions were proposed and the final solution was a lower-density project with neighborhood friendly townhomes.

The site sits on a steep slope with challenging topography. To meet the challenge of building on a steep grade, the primary retaining walls were decoupled from the building structure and secondary retaining walls incorporated into the structures allowed the buildings to work with the natural slope. To that end, the eastern units are a single story along Almond Street with an additional two levels of “walk-out” basement to the west. While the western units have a three story western facade that transitions to a 2-story facade on the east.

These ultra efficient townhomes are Net Zero ready, with solar panel installation options for homeowners who choose to become fully Net Zero. With the shallow but vertical floor plans, the bold geometrical shapes, and the yellow brightly strained natural cedar, these contemporary modern-style townhomes offer a unique floor plan with expansive views of Salt Lake City’s downtown area.

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