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Every project you embark on includes a series of challenges that the architect must overcome. Working together you can find a solution to all of these design challenges and more. From selecting the type of structural system to the best way to manage the budget, the design team uses their skills to overcome these challenges through a thoughtful and well-planned architectural design.

Architecture of today is moving forward at lightning speed. If you hope to create something that stands out to onlookers and other professionals, here are a few things you and your architect can do to stay on top.

1. Use Social Media for Exploring, Gathering Inspiration, and Learning

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In the past, architects relied on themselves, their immediate peers and their observations for inspiration of original ideas, but thanks to the Internet, architects are now connected more than ever. It is almost impossible for architects and designers to avoid seeing inspiring designs whether it is on their social media feeds or just outside their doorstep. While this can make it difficult for architects to keep designs a secret, this is an excellent opportunity for greater understanding, learning and collaboration.

If an architect faces a design challenge that seems to have no clear solution, they can now more easily turn to peer architects and discuss ways they may have overcome a similar problem. They can also study other projects for inspiration. Actually, one of the best ways architects can use social media is to look at previous ideas, learn from them, and combine them with their own ideas to make something new and exciting.

2. Try New Technology

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The development of technology and architecture programs is allowing architects everywhere to develop projects that were only dreamt about in the past. Today, technology is evolving at an alarming speed. This can be intimidating too many architects but is actually very useful. You can encourage your architect to stay up-to-date with the latest developments by discussing with them the ways new technology is unlocking new architectural feats. Ask them what programs they use and push them to try new technology.

Actually, one of the best ways architects use the newest techniques is by combining them with the tools they already use. This will allow them to explore new territory in the industry and expand existing methods for facing practical challenges they come across time and time again.

3. Cultural Exchanges

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Staying within one’s norms can limit the possibilities of any architect significantly. In the early days of architecture, all knowledge came from the surrounding environment. Now, architects can use a cultural exchange to approach architectural design in a whole new way. These exchanges between architects from across the world allow them to expand their knowledge and perspective.

Combining the ideas of architects from other geographical locations may actually help solve local problems. Architects can learn from different cultural architectural solutions or pitfalls and implement the good ideas and avoid the mistakes. Thus, it is important to take advantage of all resources available to broaden horizons and have a better cultural exchange. These efforts will pay off for a specific project in the short-term and the greater society in the long-term.

4. Expand Innovation

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Innovation is the wheel that pushes the architecture industry forward. However, it’s hard not to get stuck on designs that always worked in the past. In order for an architect to grow, they must avoid mimicking the same design over and over. So, when a new design opportunity pops up, an architect must re-evaluate all of their previous standards and pre-conceived notions.

Some pre-conceived notions or ideas may indeed turn out to be legitimate (that is the value of experience), but questioning them at every turn can keep the architecture fresh and new. Work with an experienced architect who tries new things even when they aren’t working on a particular project. These types of architects challenge the norm and will eventually push the limits to find something fresh and new.

For example, Thomas Edison had over 100 patents on file for now-forgotten inventions while he successfully invented the light bulb, phonograph, and carbon transmitter. From those 100 patents came so many of the ground-breaking designs that made way for the technology we use today. If Edison had thought small and worked on only a couple, we might not have what we have right now.

5. Look at Outside Sources

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Many innovators develop award-winning projects by looking at unlikely sources for inspiration. One of the best ways to overcome design challenges is by looking at how other systems operate, whether in nature or upcoming trends. Architects must get out of their comfort zone. They must push themselves to look at the deeper meaning of things. Expanding their knowledge and thinking outside of the box will help them create something completely different.

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