Element31 at Brickyard

Nestled in downtown Salt Lake City, this 202,400 square foot multi-family housing project has 208 units configured in a four-story wood-framed structure. This amenity-rich project includes rooftop entertaining, an outdoor movie theater with fixed and grass seating, a community garden, a pet park with a wash area, an outdoor saline pool and hot tub, an exercise room, lounge, and media room.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of the project was handling the existing remnants of an old brick manufacturing site. Along with the large amounts of old bricks throughout the property, the structure was also replacing a deteriorating parking garage. Our architects came together to create a design that increased property value by restructuring the garage and building a four-story multi-family housing property.

Now complete, the new 176,800 square foot three-level parking structure provides more than 500 structured parking stalls along with 25 surface stalls. The residential component includes mixed-use units that wrap around a commercial office structure.

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Element 31 at Brickyard | Salt Lake City, UT Mixed-Use Apartment Building Design | Think Architecture
Element31 Inner Courtyard Center

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Element31 at Brickyard

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Element 31 at Brickyard is all about mixing the old with the new. The site was a former brick production facility, so when contractors excavated, they found large amounts of old brick remnants. This posed a challenge to the soil stability and required over-excavation of the site. Rather than throwing all of that history away, our architects used the bricks in the apartment’s new signage as a nod to Utah’s past.

In addition, the site is near an irrigation canal and fault line. Both of these elements required a high level of expertise for site excavation and structural safety which involved careful coordination and additional structural considerations during design and construction. We completed a fault study and reinforced the current parking structure to ensure safety.

Our architects used their talent to navigate these complexities and design a commercial apartment that combined Salt Lake City’s unique history with the features buyers are looking for in Utah’s growing housing market. With unique rooftop amenities, close proximity to downtown Salt Lake City, integrated parking, and bridge connections, Element 31 at Brickyard in Salt Lake City, UT is an example of a successful mixed-use architectural design that facilitates high-density housing while improving the quality of life for its residents and the surrounding community.

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