The formation of our construction management division originated to meet the demands of clients seeking a truly comprehensive team to work with throughout the entire design and construction process. By having a construction manager, with a design and construction background, acting as your agent in project delivery process we are able to eliminate the conventional disputes and friction between an architect and general contractor. We act as your agent in a design, technical and fiduciary role throughout the entire process. We assume total responsibility for all aspects of the programming, design and construction of the project. We keep you informed on a regular basis, represent you throughout the public approval process and provide you with the extra eyes and ears needed during project development and implementation, as well as additional technical experience and expertise.

Primary benefits include:

  • Construction Managers trained in Design & Construction
  • Flat management fee
  • Low Overhead – no affiliated subcontractors on staff; no markups on subs
  • Competitive Bidding of all subcontractor trades
  • Open book management and oversight of all subcontractor trades

We believe our success is based on how happy you are when the project is complete. Our intent is to make the process as easy and simple as possible for owners. We desire to be the problem solvers and handle all of the construction issues. Being designers, in addition to construction managers, aesthetics and quality of construction drive everything we do.

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