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Utah Development and Construction is a prominent luxury resort real estate developer in the greater Summit County area. The company stands out due to its unique approach, born from a shared passion for alpine development, construction, and finance. Their principles are invigorated by the challenges of large-scale, complex projects. The company’s distinctive dedication and commitment to each endeavor sets them apart.

Utah Development & Construction apartment building project

One of the principals, Christopher Conabee, brings 18 years of experience to Utah Development and Construction. His expertise lies in alpine development, where he has successfully led projects in various areas, including commercial resorts, non-profit commercial, restaurants, retail, condominiums, and both high-end and affordable housing.

“Each project is like a child; it is unique. They all have attributes that make them distinctive in how they were developed and brought to maturity,” Christopher said.

A Masterpiece of Collaborative Excellence

In collaboration with multiple companies, Utah Development and Construction and Think Architecture played pivotal roles in creating the Goldener Hirsch in upper Deer Valley. The resort’s numerous accolades, including the prestigious title of Travel + Leisure’s 2023 number-one Best Resort in the Continental U.S., stand as a beacon of their success and inspire confidence in their capabilities.

“I love development because it’s so collaborative. So many people are involved, each with specific skills, to build something worthwhile. You need great plumbers, architects, and engineers who are passionate about their work. You focus all that talent on one project and gather input from everybody to create something spectacular. At the end of the project, we have a monument that we’re all proud of because of everyone’s unique perspective and contribution,” said Christopher.

Successful Partnership Between Utah Development and Construction and Think Architecture

Utah Development and Construction attributes its successes to teaming up with firms that prioritize collaboration and open-mindedness from the project’s inception. “We are big fans of Think Architecture, from the Principal Architects to the most recent hires,” Christopher said. “They bring expertise in innovative design and sustainable construction practices to our projects. Together, we shape the project, design it, and determine what works best for us and the marketplace. We value collaboration and mutual listening, essential to our successful partnership.”

At Think Architecture, as we look ahead to the future, we are thrilled about the upcoming opportunities for collaboration and projects between our SLC-based architects and Utah Development and Construction. We are committed to creating extraordinary works of art across Utah’s beautiful landscapes. Each new endeavor presents the chance to craft masterpieces that inspire and captivate.