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Utah is world-famous for its beautiful vistas and sprawling mountain ranges. From the snow-capped Wasatch Mountains of northern Utah to the sandy red rock of St. George, Utah has landscapes that people travel worldwide to see.

However, a lot has changed since the pioneers settled the area nearly two hundred years ago. Salt Lake City and the surrounding area have become a bustling metropolis, sprouting hundreds of beautiful home builds. Think Architecture is one of the leading experts in Utah mountain architecture, designing these homes for those who want to pay homage to the natural landscape.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the more popular forms of mountain architecture and how Think Architecture fits in as a prime Utah architecture firm.

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Embracing the Peaks: Modern Mountain Architecture in Utah

Utah is no longer a vast expanse of farms, valleys, and modest homes. With the rise of so many tech companies in Utah, hard-working people worldwide have flocked to the area for career opportunities. And with those people comes a demand for beautiful architecture that matches the environment.

Lovers of the mountainous Utah landscape crave a style of architecture that matches the environment but brings a dash of modernity. The experts at Think Architecture have mastered modern mountain architecture by designing homes that utilize wood, stone, and metal materials.

Many of these modern mountain homes are characterized by outdoor wood paneling, stone patios, metal outdoor furniture, and flat roofs. The materials are specially selected to integrate into the mountain’s natural landscape so the home feels like a modern pop of civilization without feeling out of place.

Blending Rustic Charm with Contemporary Flair: Modern Rustic Homes

Rustic and modern mountain homes might be confused because they live in the same habitat, but the two styles have distinctly different features.

While modern homes feature flat rooftops, light wood paneling, and metal accents, rustic homes are more heavily influenced by stone and wood. Rustic mountain architecture features tight pointed roofs and stone exteriors that sometimes give the home the appearance of a castle. Both are popular home styles to be nestled in the mountains.

Both of these home styles share the utilization of local resources like stone and wood and the broad design fostering open, airy spaces. One isn’t more refined or preferred than the other, but both feel magnificent when juxtaposed against the sprawling Wasatch Mountains.

Mika Guest House | Utah Residential Architects | Think Architecture

Other Forms of Popular Mountain Home Architecture

Rustic and modern aren’t the only mountain architecture styles. Though those two have become quite popular, you’ll find various beautiful styles across the Wasatch Mountains. Some of these popular mountain homes include

  • Post and Beam. These frequently resemble log cabins but are designed and manufactured with many modern luxuries that transcend their simpler ancestors.
  • Swiss Chalet. These are popular near ski resorts because they resemble their Swiss ancestors. These homes are characterized by garages on lower floors, wraparound decks, and pointed roofs.
  • Adirondack. These homes borrow heavily from elements of modern and rustic homes to create something fresh and mountain-settled. Common characteristics are gabled roofs, natural materials, and of course, Adirondack chairs.

Think Architecture has extensive experience designing homes using all of these mountain-inspired designs. To explore our work, visit our custom home architecture.

Silver Residence | Utah Custom Home Landscape Designs | Think Architecture

Embrace Rocky Mountain Architecture with Think Architecture

Think Architecture is one of the leading architectural firms in Salt Lake City and beyond. Our homes have been applauded as beautiful and energy efficient, and we’re proud to have a long list of happy clientele. If you’re considering modern rustic homes or another variation of mountain architecture, contact us. We’d love to design an astounding home that fits your unique tastes.