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The architecture industry is currently undergoing a transformation with company culture at its forefront. Forget 8-5 company culture with cookie-cutter cubicles and water cooler talk. Nowadays, businesses must fight for client retention by creating a unique client-business relationship that genuinely expresses the values of the brand. As a business focused on benefitting our client’s interests, we found company culture often makes a big difference in our ability to keep our clients happy. In an industry that is continually changing with the times, how we create and maintain our culture is more important than ever. (Read more about how the architecture industry is changing!)

Not only does Think Architecture focus on aligning our brand to the interests of our clients, but we try finding ways of communicating that message with each interaction we engage in with our clients. From low-level employees to higher-ups, there must be a fluid culture that creates unity in the workplace so we can emulate that in our client relationships. As leaders in our industry, we work hard, providing this type of environment. By doing so, we hope to inspire more creative work and motivate our employees to continue their best work.


Here are a few ways Think Architecture strengthens our company culture:


Put Employees First

In an industry that relies on the work of its employees, we put our employees first. Our leaders communicate this importance with our workers as often as possible. Actions also speak louder than words, which is why we make our employees feel our pride by providing benefits, sticking up for them, and appreciating their work.

As an experienced architecture firm, Think Architecture understands the importance of our workforce. However, we are continually looking for ways to improve our diligence. From employee benefits to appreciation activities, there is no shortage of ways we work to make our employees happy. That way, our employees can perform at their best for you, the client.


Build a Community

Creating an influential company culture also involves building an active community at the office and during after-hours. But building a community doesn’t happen overnight. For years, our company has built a reputation known for its hard work and efficiency. Every day we put our efforts into supporting our leaders and encouraging them to get involved in our client’s lives. By getting to know you better, we will not only create a community but build better projects with your needs in mind.


Focus on Brand Alignment

It’s one thing to say you want an influential company culture, and it’s an entirely different thing to envision what that includes. Our culture was first built on the back of our brand’s messaging (not the other way around). We got our employees involved in this process by asking them what they think the company stands for, what’s important to them, and more. Then, we used that information to narrow down what that culture’s messaging includes. This entire process got everyone in our workforce excited to be involved in the company’s vision. It also helps our employees better explain that culture and messages to their clients. Getting everyone on-board with our brand will help us find clients that hope to do the same.


Be an Example

If we don’t believe in our company culture, neither will our clients. Unfortunately, many architectural firm leaders don’t hold themselves accountable. At Think Architecture, we hold ourselves to a high standard by leading through our example. We practice what we preach and have found that our clients appreciate the effort. Once we started living the culture, our entire company followed, and the business grew.


Communicate Successes

Most people are inspired by positive affirmation. Think Architecture is the same way. We believe that encouraging our employees will strengthen their abilities to perform their best work. As our company culture works, the mutual understanding between us, our employees, and our clients grow, as well. When working with our team, you will understand our culture and its importance and values to our business. Our team will often get you involved in the process, expressing our praises, and celebrating our successes. Together, we will create something we all are proud in.


Establish Trust

The strongest company cultures are built on the grounds of mutual trust. If our clients trust the leadership of our business, we are bound to hold ourselves to your standards rather than our own. Establishing trust also includes encouraging our clients to provide feedback that could help us refine our culture. Please let us know what improvements we could make. We would love to hear your feedback as it helps us grow and get better at what we do.


If you have any feedback or want to learn more about how Think Architecture’s culture helps us create award-winning architectural projects, contact us!