Wardle Fields Regional Park

A splash pad with geysers, a waterfall, slides, and two zip lines for racing. A walking loop of about three-quarters of a mile. 80 acres of master-planned parks and recreation land. Wardle Fields Regional Park in Bluffdale, Utah, was one of our largest and most fun projects to date! Wardle Fields started as an 80-acre farm owned and operated by the Wardle family. From the early 1900s, until Charles Wardle died in the 1950s, the Wardle family farmed alfalfa, barley, and sugar beets on the property for nearly fifty years. The family decided to sell the land to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints after his death before Salt Lake County purchased the site in 2008.

When the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Department needed an extra hand designing and master planning the future regional park development, they turned to Think Architecture.

As a former farm, the site required extensive environmental planning and construction. We worked with Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation and Bluffdale City to stabilize the land and develop the site. We transformed the former farmland into a family-friendly regional park with many family-friend attractions. Besides designing and constructing this incredible park, our master plan will continue to guide future development plans throughout the remainder of the 80-acre farmland.

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Wardle Fields Regional Park

Building Utah's Largest Splashpad and Family-Friendly Regional Park in Bluffdale

The most popular activity area in the park is the public splash pad, which is currently the largest splash pad in the state. However, designing this massive attraction took hard work and innovative solutions thought up by our team of landscape architects. One of the project’s most difficult design difficulties was dealing with the splash pad’s drainage.

Our architects and engineers created an ingenious water reuse system that holds 325,000 gallons of water each day in underground tanks before drawing it out for irrigation. This system included a complex layout of pipes, pumps, filters, and controls. As a result, the park’s water conservation system is one of its most essential environmental aspects. It not only collects water from the splash pad but purifies it and utilizes the run-off to irrigate the park’s grass and over 300 trees.

Along with developing an environmentally conscious irrigation channel, our designers created a master plan for the entire regional park. Now, patrons can enjoy Wardle Field’s large playground, two multipurpose sports fields, a full-size basketball court with six hoops, a 300-foot-long artificial bouldering wall, a 20-foot-high net-climbing pyramid, and a 25-foot-tall fire-watch tower with slides.

In addition to these various activities, our designers included 16 pickleball courts in the design. Not only is it a major draw competitive guests to utilize, but it is also one of America’s fastest-growing sports. Whichever activity you enjoy participating in, Wardle Fields is the place to visit. Not only did it push our team of architects and engineers to innovate creative solutions to master planning and environmental challenges, but it allowed us to have a little fun while doing it.

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