Senior Living on Washington

The goal for Think Architecture’s senior living architects was to design a senior housing development that helps residents live their lives to the fullest. Senior Living on Washington rethinks the traditional senior community rental experience by providing superior design and well-crafted amenities. As senior living development consultants, we wanted to provide an environment where seniors could feel confident in their abilities, cultivate a sense of community, and adapt to their changing needs. Our solution was a four-story community in Ogden in a convenient downtown location with quick access to shopping and public transportation. Residents of Senior Living on Washington enjoy many amenities, including fitness rooms, libraries, hot tubs, and multi-purpose areas. Spacious floor plans and beautiful interiors help the residents feel comfortable and right at home. 

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Senior Living on Washington is an Ogden-based development near downtown. Since it was an income-restricted project, our architects had to navigate the additional complexities required with state tax-credit funding. We solved the challenge by finding the balance between upscale living and budget-friendly designs. The result? A senior living community that enables its residents to thrive by promoting personal and community health and well-being.

Collaborating with developers and contractors, our designers created a community-focused layout that emphasized the building’s shared amenities and services. These amenities included community rooms for group activities, fitness rooms for exercising, a hot tub area for relaxation, internal libraries, reading rooms, and outdoor patios located off the condo living area. These senior living apartments distinguish themselves from Ogden’s competitive marketplace with in-house features for all residents, including balconies, washer/dryer appliances, and walk-in closets. Overall, innovation, simplicity, and focus were the hallmarks of the Senior Living on Washington projects, which allowed our design team to craft an in-demand environment that emphasizes both qualities of life and quality of care.


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