The award-winning Neuroworx project includes a 24,762 square foot, two-story rehabilitation building that embodies sustainable design. Neuroworx is a non-profit, community-based rehabilitation center for people experiencing paralysis from spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and strokes. Because substantial funding comes from donations, grants, and other charitable contributions, long-term building operational costs were a top design priority. It was also essential to create a design that centralized all Neuroworx equipment and training into one location. Our architects accomplished this by developing a high-performance building envelope and mechanical system, with additional glazing and lighting.

The architecture for Neuroworx’s new facility also enables them to accomplish their motto of “Pushing for More.” With a first-class environment that integrates state-of-the-art equipment, Neuroworx can promote the neurological recovery of individuals with paralysis using simplified operations. This cohesive design also enhanced the focused expertise of the Neuroworx therapists, as well as increased building capacity to allow more individuals to receive treatment. Because of the improved capabilities founded by the unique architectural design Neuroworx could continue providing superlative neurological rehabilitation in a premier outpatient facility.

Utah Rehabilitation Facility Custom Architecture
Lobby Area Neuroworx Rehabilitation Center

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August 2015


Sandy, Utah


Neuroworx / WCF


  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Design


Focusing on patient needs through architectural design

Think’s architects were faced with the challenge to create a unique facility dedicated to the specific needs of injured patients. Neuroworx needed to provide patients with an environment focused on their specific therapy needs while simultaneously motivating and inspiring them. For example, the outpatient physical therapy clinic features robotic equipment for gait training, hydrotherapy pools, and a gym for wheelchair and walking practice. Signature design features include exterior metal paneling that reflects the technical nature of the robotic equipment used. Wing-like features of the roof define re-found freedom and mobility that therapists can achieve through therapy.

Outside, the patio design includes platforms and ramps with stairs of differing heights for patients who need to relearn how to walk or train to use wheelchairs. Building orientation, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows, bring in natural light and capitalize on the spectacular views of the valley. Given the unique and unconventional therapeutic practices improvised by Neuroworx and facilitated by the architects at Think Architecture, people have come from all over the world for treatment at this state-of-the-art facility.

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