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Architecture plays a pivotal role in developing a community. It directs the physical environment. It defines how the town’s infrastructure will function. It also creates the space in which families will thrive and determines the overall community’s quality of life. If you want to build a thriving community, you must consider constructing buildings that promote healthy lifestyles for the entire population. So, when 24-Hour Fitness¬†sought to expand its location offerings in Colorado, Nevada, California, and Hawaii, it relied on Think Architecture to take its uniform gym design to the next level. Working directly with the 24-Hour Fitness team, our architectural development team performed an in-depth site investigation to create a design that accounted for the exact needs of each new gym site.

The project brought about the design and construction of several new fitness centers in California, Nevada, Colorado, and Hawaii, with customized designs outfitted for each location’s particular clientele. For instance, in California, our architectural firm committed to renovating the old 24-Hour Fitness building in Sacramento to transform it into an upscale and updated fitness center. We created a design that included demolishing 3,000 square feet of a post-tensioned slab, installing new steel staircases throughout the gym, relocating a basketball court, and a brand-new 2,800 square foot second-floor addition. All in all, these projects continue to be a staple portfolio piece that our architectural firm reflects on, especially in terms of community and land development.

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August 2017


Colorado, Nevada, California, and Hawaii


24-Hour Fitness Health Facilities

24-Hour Fitness Centers

Collaborative Architectural Design Development

Constructing health and fitness centers that are open 24-hours to the public can be a bigger task than you might think. Along with creating a gym design that accounts for the diverse set of activities that members will partake of inside, you must provide solutions for high volumes of electricity, sound acoustics, traffic, structural stress, and more. You will also need to do all this work while coordinating with management teams and general contractors in different areas of the country. Luckily, the architectural experts at Think Architecture in Utah were up for the task.

Our firm ran multiple land studies during the design of each location. These sites included new construction, renovating buildings in multi-tenant commercial centers, and constructing building additions. While studying each area, we would consider a range of development factors. A few of the architectural services we used while working on these 24-Hour Fitness projects included:

Our team would continually interact with other members of the development team using the latest online collaboration tools throughout the process. This consistent communication allowed us to integrate updated design features based on input from other experts on the project. Our design addressed some of the problems that included neighborhood concerns about 24-hour operation, auditory issues, and the introduction of new volumes of traffic.

Our team would incorporate solutions seamlessly into each project that tackled every concern, whether that entailed reconfiguring the parking lot, adding extra structural reinforcements, or targeted acoustic and lighting features. Each of these 6,000 to 50,000 square foot facilities made numerous upgrades to traditional gym design. Members can enjoy the project’s luxury entry lobby and reception area, new locker and dressing rooms, fitness and exercise floors, smaller group fitness rooms with specific equipment, storage, utility rooms, basketball courts, and swimming pools.

By collaborating with our team of architects and others on the project, we completed several new 24-Hour Fitness centers where anybody would be happy to work out. It is just one example of the type of community development we pride ourselves in accomplishing. Together, we can make our communities more inspired to live health-centered lifestyles.

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