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Savannah Pike, a talented architectural graduate from the University of Utah, has recently joined Think Architecture as a full-time team member. Born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, Savannah’s love for the mountains was sparked during childhood days spent at her father’s ski lodge near Alta.

This early admiration for the harmonious blend of architecture and natural landscapes inspired her passion for designing buildings that integrate seamlessly with diverse environments. Her respect for architecture expanded beyond mountainous landscapes, fueling a desire to create designs that cater to various needs and settings.

During her undergraduate studies, Savannah discovered Think Architecture’s involvement in several canyon projects and felt a strong connection to the firm’s work. This ultimately led her to join the team. Her goal is to delve into larger-scale and high-rise projects in the future.

BIM Operator Savannah Pike at Think Architecture

Excitement for the New Role

Although Savannah has been part of Think Architecture for over two years as a part-time employee, she is thrilled to now contribute full-time. Her excitement stems from the opportunity to engage in master-planning projects, which will allow her to gain valuable experience and explore innovative design methodologies.

Savannah’s dedication to learning and growth is evident as she looks forward to making significant contributions to the firm’s upcoming ventures.

Fun Fact: Expert Aspirations

If Savannah could instantly become an expert in any field, it would be investing. Mastering this skill would provide her financial security, enabling her to dedicate herself entirely to her passions, projects, and personal goals. Alternatively, she would love to become proficient in coding due to its numerous applications in the architecture industry, which would be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Rapid-Fire Responses

Q: Beach vacation or mountain retreat?

A: Mountain Retreat

Q: Cats or dogs?

A: Cats! I have a cat named Winston and I love him more than anything.