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designing resorts think architectureWhen it comes to planning and designing a resort, success is in the details. The best hotels and resorts are a product of careful and thoughtful work centered around one thing—experience. As the world evolves, so is the demand to create experiences that inspire and rejuvenate guests.

Designing and planning a resort or hospitality destination is an orchestrated effort. From developers, investors, owner’s reps, hotel flags (recognized hotel brands), planners, architects, interior designers, consultants, contractors, and trade partners there are several professionals involved in the process ensuring its success.
Here’s an overview of the key elements to successfully deliver a hospitality project.

Architectural Planning

The goal of hospitality architecture is to create a welcoming, relaxing environment where vacationers can come to escape and explore. The best resorts help people make memories and keep them coming back.

Unforgettable hospitality design starts with exceptional architectural engineering. First, designs for any of the buildings are put together through the process of compiling architectural drawings. An excellent architectural design considers the environment of the planned project and any other environmental factors during the design process. There should be careful consideration for how the building looks in its surroundings. Whether it is in the middle of historic landscapes or wild terrain, resort architects know how to plan a resort that fits right in.

Interior Design

One of the biggest elements of a successful resort hospitality project is interior design. After all, a well-crafted interior is paramount in hotel design. Interior design is planning everything indoors, from creating the spaces where people relax to planning where furniture is placed in a room. Whether integrating with Think’s in-house interior design studio or a separate interior design firm, we are flexible in helping you arrive at the right solution to deliver your project.

What are some characteristics of a well-crafted interior design? Interior design should feel comfortable. From the moment a guest enters the resort until it’s time to leave, they should feel relaxed in their environment.

Guests should feel a sense of community in their resort. Resort interior design should take into account the flow of visitors and should plan for areas of celebration, conversation, interaction, and acceptance. When resort guests establish a feeling of community in their resort environment, they’re more likely to return year after year.

Another important aspect of interior design in hotels and resorts is convenience. Interior design should consider how guests will relax, play, move and even rest in the space. A successful interior design will foster a certain level of convenience that is integrated into the guest experience. The more convenient the design is, the more the guests can relax.

As the demand for resort communities increases so does the demand for wellness in luxury developments. Incorporating a resort spa is common and almost expected. From yoga studios to massage pools, innovative interior design is something that will set the resort apart from the rest.

Landscape Design

An exceptional resort community should feature well-planned landscape architecture. Similar to architectural design, resort landscape design should blend with the natural elements of the landscape, while also catering to the needs of the resort guests.

Many resorts can also use their landscape design to draw guests in, such as including amenities like golf courses and swimming pools. Pathways between the property serve to connect areas and guide guests.

A landscape designer should know how to incorporate plans that allow guests to connect with nature and the environment surrounding the resort. Guests are looking for unique, authentic experiences, and using landscape design to provide this opportunity is important.

Think Architecture Excels At Resort Hospitality Development

Think Architecture designs some of the most memorable, world-renowned resorts and hospitality projects in the West—our experience includes some of the most sought-after destinations. These include a variety of projects in the following locales: Park City, UT; Deer Valley, UT; Mayflower, UT; Alta, UT; Solitude, UT; Brighton, UT; St. George, UT; Moab, UT; Sundance, UT; Sun Valley, ID; Jackson, WY, Las Vegas, NV; and Scottsdale, AZ. For any inquiries, get in touch with us. Our firm is ready to help you realize your destination property.